Financial Considerations

Heartland Christian College does not accept federal funding to help defray education costs. The College is, however, committed to providing a cost-effective education in an effort to help students to graduate without having incurred education-related debt.

In order to encourage good stewardship and to prevent students from becoming ensnared in heavy debt, all fees and costs for residential living are expected to be paid in a timely manner. Students may choose from the following payment options:

Option 1: Full payment for all semester costs is paid by the end of the first week of each enrollment period.

Option 2: Partial payment for enrollment period costs is paid by the end of the first week of each enrollment period, and remaining balance is made through a payroll deduction paid over the course of the enrollment period.

Each traditional student is assigned to a Shepherd Group Leader who works with them on a regular basis to make sure financial stewardship is being learned and practiced.

Payroll Deduction Payments

A student who is using scheduled payroll deductions normally does not receive a refund when changing schedule or withdrawing from College. Because this is a “pay-as-you-go” schedule, such a student would normally not have paid-in-full for charges incurred at HCC. Such circumstances are dealt with as follows:

A. For a change of schedule that results in a change in tuition charges, the student’s payroll deductions may be modified as needed in order to pay off the balance by the end of the current semester/block.

B. When voluntarily withdrawing from HCC, the student is responsible for paying any remaining balance, after refund adjustments, that has been unmet by previous payroll deductions. The balance is due immediately; however, payment plans may be established through the bookkeeping office. Such payments must be completed before the student may re-enroll at the College.

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