Registration is open for Block 1 of the Spring semester at Heartland Christian College. Block 1 runs from January 10 thru March 1, 2018. Contact the registrar for details, 660-284-4800. The following courses will be offered: 

  • Mon./Wed. 8:10-10:50am… Intro. to Worldviews, Western Church in World History I
  • Tues./Thurs. 8:10-10:50am… Missions Practicum, Intro. to Worship Ministry, Intro. to Education
  • Fri. 9am… Servanthood II & IV
  • Monday Night (Block 1 & 2) 6:00-9:00pm… Relational Theology, Life of Christ


Relational Theology. A study of the theology of relationships as the central aspect of the Kingdom of God. Topics included are the relationships of God with man, man with others, and man with self.

The Life and Ministry of Christ. A study of the life, ministry, and teachings of the Lord Jesus Christ as taken from the Gospel accounts

Intro. to Worldviews. A biblical overview of multiple worldviews. Introduction of philosophical thought from a theological perspective, and formation of a biblical worldview and its application to current culture and society are emphasized.

Western Church in World History I. This course presents a broad survey of the interrelationship between world history and the history of the Western Church from the time of the early church to the pre-reformation. The focus is on the major changes and movements within both the church and world history, emphasizing their relevance and impact on today.

Missions Practicum. An introduction to the administrative and ministry sides of mission work. Through reading, research and personal interviews, students choose a location for which they will plan a mission trip in later courses.

Intro. to Worship Ministry. Emphasis is placed on both the biblical basis and practical application of worship and music. Music is discussed in its various forms. Worship is discussed as it relates to historical importance, worship leading, and worship as a life-style. The student is given a biblical basis upon which to form a philosophy of music and worship in the local church.

Intro. to Education. This course presents an overview of the theology, philosophy, and objectives of godly education. It explores the roles of both teacher and learner and firmly establishes the fact that all real education begins and ends with God.