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Contact the Human Resources Department at 660-284-6212 if you are interested in applying for the following position: Heartland Christian College Building Engineer. The Building Engineer organizes daily schedules and projects for janitorial and maintenance needs on the HCC campus and is responsible for the completion of such projects.
We are accepting applications September 24, 2018 thru October 24, 2018. This position is a 40 hour a week position.
Essential Functions: 
  1. Understand, embrace, and promote the mission of HCC in and out of the workplace
  2. Interact with assigned HCC leadership to determine janitorial and maintenance priorities
  3. Organize projects and daily schedules for janitorial and maintenance needs
  4. Supervise janitorial staff
  5. Responsible for the completion of janitorial and maintenance projects
  6. Interact with the maintenance ticket system, as assigned
  7. Complete supply orders, as assigned
  8. Understand and follow purchase order policy for equipment and supplies
  9. Monitor janitorial and maintenance inventory
  10. Organize remodeling and construction projects, as assigned
  11. Attend and contribute in HCC meetings/functions (as possible)
Knowledge, Skills, Abilities and Personal Characteristics:
  1. A mature and vibrant spiritual life is a vital characteristic for daily student interaction.
  2. Knowledge and embodiment of HCC mission, vision and core values. Given the nature of our institution, this individual must be a person of integrity and hold a desire to help others to develop and live out their faith.
  3. General math skills.
  4. Strict attention to detail.
  5. Basic knowledge of finance.
  6. Skilled at documentation
  7. Understanding of various maintenance methods and janitorial cleaning methods.
  8. Accuracy and speed in executing assigned tasks
  9. Become familiar with industry’s best practices
  10. Strong organizational skills
  11. Ability to communicate clearly to students, staff, and superiors.
  12. Ability to keep composure, as demonstrated by being professional with all students and staff.
  13. Knowledge of HCC regular policies.
  14. Ability to operate effectively as part of a team, as demonstrated by developing and maintaining constructive and cooperative relationships with superiors, peers and subordinates.
  15. Ability to use a computer efficiently to communicate with all levels of the organization.
  16. Good time management and planning skills.
  17. Comprehension of HCC flow chart.
Minimum Qualifications
  1. Education:
  2. High School graduate or equivalence


  1. Proven Maintenance Skills
  2. Prior experience in Supervisory role
  3. Construction Experience Preferred
Supervision Received
  1. Assistant Dean of Administration
  2. Assistant Dean of Students
  3. Position completes a formal Performance Appraisal annually.
Available Guidelines:
  1. HCC Employee Handbook
  2. HCC Safety Manual
  3. HCC Policies and Procedures
  4. OSHA Safety Procedures
Accountability/Consequence of Error
  1. Handling of company vehicles and other company property.
  2. Handling of company master keys
  3. Company credit card (when needed)
  4. The above resources are to be utilized in compliance with all company policies and procedures. Abuse, misuse or damage due to negligence of any of these tools will be subject to HCC disciplinary procedure up to and including termination.
  5. Confidentiality must be maintained regarding information pertaining to students at all times.
  1. HCC Administration
  2. HCC staff
  3. HCC students
  4. CNS Construction
  5. CNS Maintenance
  6. CNS IT
Supervision Exercised
  1. HCC Janitorial Staff
  2. Contracted Workers
Physical Demands
  1. Being able to lift 50 pounds.
  2. Being able to stand and walk around for six to eight hours during a shift.
  3. Being able to work in construction and maintenance environments
Work Hazards
  1. Vehicle driving regular hazards (where applicable)
  2. Hazards associated with slipping and falling.
  3. Using sharp implements and the potential of cuts.
  4. Using Machinery and related Equipment.
Personal Demands:
  1. Working with students and employees at various stages of the maturation process
  2. Nature of the Heartland Christian College environment in dealing with students at various stages of development and maturity.
  1. Class E driver’s license (preferred)
Any further details about this position may be directed to 660-284-4800.