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Registration is open for the Summer semester at Heartland Christian College. Classes run from May 13 thru June 18, 2019. Contact the registrar for details, 660-284-4800. The following courses will be offered: 

  • May 13-June 14 – Mon./Wed./Fri. 8:00-10:30am… Translation and Interpretation in Biblical Hebrew Narrative.
  • May 13-June 18 – Mon./Tues./Wed. 8:00-10:30am… Survey of Bible Doctrines


Translation and Interpretation in Biblical Hebrew Narrative. This course is an intensive introduction to the processes of translation and interpretation of biblical Hebrew narrative that will focus on the basics of Hebrew grammar and syntax as well as Hebrew vocabulary found in biblical Hebrew narrative and the use of this knowledge with modern study tools in order to aid students’ ability to better interpret Old Testament passages for preaching and teaching.

Survey of Bible Doctrines. This course includes an overview of the concept and application of Bible Doctrine as a discipline. Also included is a survey of biblical teaching regarding the core doctrines of the conservative evangelical Christian faith.