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Congratulations to the Heartland Christian College graduating class of 2022. Five students graduated with an Associates Degree in Biblical Studies, and three with Certificates.

Graduation day involved Baccalaureate in the morning, a catered luncheon with family and friends, then Commencement, and a reception.

Victor Pavlovski, Senior Bishop of the Pentecostal Union of Moldova and a member of the HCC Board of Trustees, was the keynote speaker at the Commencement. His address included several points from Psalm 34:8 – “Taste and see that the Lord is good!” Through salvation, we taste the goodness of God and the love of the Lord in our personal lives. We also taste and see that it is good to be part of the Body of Christ—part of something great, the Church of Jesus Christ. Finally, we can taste how good it is to be a servant of God, involved in the work of God. Bishop Pavlovski spoke from his own experiences that sometimes hard and painful times will come, but we can still serve with joy when we are where God wants us to be.

Click here to view the graduation video on YouTube