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January 2022

Covid continues to be an issue to be dealt with for the spring semester. We are thankful to God that Heartland Christian College (HCC) made it through the fall semester with no positive cases. The Heartland community as well as most other surrounding communities continue to battle cases with regularity. HCC has the following Covid plan in place for spring 2022. Updates will be provided if circumstances change.


On-Campus Students:

Health Check: Please monitor your health throughout the week before returning to campus. If you have any possible symptoms of Covid (temperature, coughing, exhaustion, etc.), you must get a Covid test before returning to campus. If you should test positive for Covid, contact the HCC Office (660-284-4800) to let us know and do not return to campus until your quarantine/isolation is over.


Campus Covid Plan:

  • Masks are not required on-campus or in residences at this time, but are optional; the CDC still recommends masks and distancing when indoors.
  • Each student should bring a mask for their personal use in select situations
  • Washing/Sanitizing hands regularly is highly recommended.
  • All sick individuals (fever (100.4 or above), diarrhea, vomiting, etc.) are not to come to classes or the Legacy House and must be symptom free without the aid of medication for 24 hours before returning to these areas.
  • Any student displaying possible Covid symptoms throughout the semester will be asked to complete a Covid test
  • HCC follows advice from our local Health Department regarding quarantine protocols. This is often-changing, and we will provide information as-needed for students who are close contacts or receive a positive Covid test
  • The HCC Library will be open to the public.
  • Visitors to HCC buildings (other than library visitors) should be invited and pre-approved.


The current level of response = Green

 To contact HCC, please call 660-284-4800 or email us at


HCC Communicable Disease Policy