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 September 2020

 Heartland Christian College (HCC) students have returned to campus and residential areas for the fall 2020 semester. The small student body allows for appropriate social distancing, and surfaces are routinely and thoroughly cleaned and sanitized in classrooms, student work areas, and residential areas. Masks are available through the College for any student/staff member who may be in need of one, as well the availability of on-campus hand sanitizer stations. Both students and staff members have daily temperature checks before entering HCC buildings, and campus visitors are kept to a minimum.  In addition, residential areas have quarantine areas delineated should the need arise for a student to be quarantined due to Covid-19 exposure or positive testing.

 HCC has a 3-tier Communicable Disease Plan in place and functioning for the 2020/2021 academic year. The level of precaution for this plan is determined through recommendations of local leaders and health care providers, in compliance with federal and state mandates. The plan may be accessed through the link below.


HCC Communicable Disease Policy


 The current level of response = Green

 To contact HCC, please call 660-284-4800 or email us at