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Graduate without debt.

At HCC our purpose is to help young people develop a Biblical foundation and prepare for life.


Be part of a bigger picture.

Cultivate a personal foundation for relationships, practical skills, and problem-solving in the context of an intentional Christian community.


Know everyone by name.

We believe that relationship is a foundational principle of the kingdom of God.


Outreach on a global scale.

What you learn in the classroom comes to life through local and global opportunities for communicating the Gospel to a multicultural society.

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The Fall 2018 Block 2 Begins October 15th

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Upcoming Events

Awaken 2018

AWAKEN 2018 will be a 2-day worship gathering on Friday & Saturday, October 12-13, geared toward youth who are passionate about Jesus and worshiping Him. Our theme centers around TRUTH this year—Matthew 7:13-14 “Enter through the narrow gate; for the gate is wide...

Community Parade 2018

Each year our local elementary/high school, Heartland Christian Academy, organizes a parade where school students as well as local businesses can participate. HCC students used their Orientation week theme of "Transformation" for their creative float....

Ready to Build Relationships?

David Rutherford graduated in 2007 and went on to serve with honor in the US Marines. After serving in the Marines, David went on to receive his pilots license and now flies for business executives throughout the US. Read more…

Class of 2007

I came to Heartland Christian College because I knew that I knew God wanted me here. I knew from the first week of boot camp that God was going to do something huge in me that would change my perspective on life. Read more…..

Class of 2014