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Are you a young person feeling a call to lay a biblical foundation while incorporating some discipleship, but a full two year commitment seems a little daunting?

Are you a working parent (a redundant phrase by the way!) who is trying to balance the responsibility to one’s family with the aspiration of growing in your knowledge of Scripture?

Maybe you’re employed in the marketplace full-time but strongly feel a greater understanding of the gospel would benefit both you and those whom you are serving.

If any of these life situations describe you, maybe you’re being called to complete a Certificate in Biblical Studies.

 This thirty credit-hour academic track has been specially designed for those who are trying to navigate life’s busyness while pursuing the upward call of giving themselves to a brief season of being enriched in God’s Word. The flexible nature of the program offers students the chance to give themselves to a one-year intensive of spiritual formation and academic growth, or complete the certificate over time as a non-traditional student.

 What if you complete the certificate but decide you want to go for the associate degree? No problem. You will be paired with an academic adviser and your credits will apply towards the completion of the degree.

 We understand our giftings and callings are as unique as our life situations. Another benefit to our Certificate In Biblical Studies is to build upon a solid foundation of core classes while customizing a portion of the class selection to your liking. Students will complete the required certificate core of eighteen credit hours and then hand-pick the remaining twelve credit hours based on their interest.

Certificate in Biblical Studies

HCC offers a non-accredited Certificate in Biblical Studies. Students desiring to complete this certificate must successfully pass and complete all requirements of the 30 credit hour program.


Students completing the Certificate of Biblical Studies will:

  • Exhibit a general knowledge and basic understanding of the Bible
  • Explain their convictions regarding their faith in Christ, the inerrancy of His Word, and living with a biblical worldview
  • Apply introductory Christian ministry principles in their homes, work places, and local churches
    Course Requirements

    Core Classes (18 credit hours):

    • Old Testament Studies I        
    • The Life and Ministry of Christ           
    • Ephesians
    • Relational Theology
    • The Life and Ministry of Paul
    • Disciplines of Life
    • Old Testament Studies II

    or New Testament Studies (3)

    •  Bible Research & Interpretation

    or Creative Bible Teaching (3)

    • Survey of Bible Doctrines

    or Introduction to Worldviews (3)

    •  Introduction to Christian Ministry

    or Introduction to Worship Ministry

    or Evangelism in the New Testament (3)

    *The 30 credit hours of this Certificate program may also be applied to the completion of the Associates Degree in Biblical Studies at Heartland Christian College.

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