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International Student FAQ

How do I apply for admission to HCC? (choose one of the following)


1. Call the Admissions Office at +1 660-284-4800 to request an application packet
2. Write to 321 Mercy Street, Bethel, MO 63458 to request a packet
3. Download and print application forms from our website


When do I need to apply?


Students should begin the application process 6-8 months prior to the semester in which they desire to enroll at HCC in order to get all paperwork completed in a timely manner (including TOEFL scores, visa, etc.).

Requests for application should be addressed to:

Heartland Christian College

Attn. Admissions Office

321 Mercy St

Bethel, MO 63434

Toll Free Phone: 1-866-422-2340



What degrees do you offer?

HCC offers a two-year Associate Degree in Biblical Studies with an area of concentration in Education, Missions, Worship Arts, or Interdisciplinary Studies (general studies).


Do I need a passport?

Yes, you will need a passport from your country of citizenship in order to come to the United States. Passports must be valid for at least six months beyond the expected date of completion from college.

What is an F-1 Visa?
An F-1 Visa is a student visa that allows an international student to study in the United States. To obtain this visa, a student must first apply and be accepted to HCC (or any college) and receive their I-20 from the college. The student will then make an appointment with the U.S. Embassy or Consulate in your region to obtain the F-1 Visa. More information can be found at the U. S. Department of State website.
What is an I-20 and when would I receive this?
The I-20 form will be sent to the student via FedEx (or similar) once the student has been accepted to HCC and the SEVIS processing fee has been paid to HCC.
How much does it cost to attend HCC?
The cost per semester for a student at HCC is estimated to be $2,000. This includes tuition, room, and board, and student fees. An international student must take into consideration, however, the travel expenses, books, TOEFL exam, and other expenses associated with studying in the United States. For a complete list, see the International Student Finance Form.
What is an I-134 Affidavit of Support?
If a student receives sponsorship from any U.S. citizen, an I-134 Form, Affidavit of Support, must be completed for each sponsor of the student. For access to the form and instructions, visit the USCIS website.
Are there any scholarships available?
HCC has an International Scholarship Fund available for International students. This scholarship is a needs-based scholarship for those that may not be able to cover all costs on their own. A student can complete the application form along with the other general application forms, however, the student will not be awarded/declined scholarship funds until full acceptance is complete. There is an estimated cost of $1,000 for up-front expenses which are not eligible for scholarship funding. See the International Student Finance Form for more information.
Why do I have to submit a health form?
Students are required to have certain immunizations to attend HCC as listed on this form. If students have a current health issue which requires ongoing medication, it is helpful for the college to have this information to help the student as best as possible. Also, in the event of an emergency, this form requires students to agree the HCC personnel would have the ability to get emergency help for the student if needed. This information will remain private and confidential with HCC personnel.
What level of English proficiency is required?
A TOEFL iBT score or IELTS score is required for all students with whom English is not their first/primary language. HCC believes the following minimum scores are what is required for a student to succeed in this college. Minimum scores: 450 for Paper Test, 133 for Computerized Test, 45 for Internet Test, 5.5 for IELTS. Individual writing scores are taken into consideration when determining acceptance eligibility, regardless of the overall test score. The TOEFL institution number for Heartland Christian College is 6313. Applicants should use this number when registering for the test in order to have the TOEFL scores sent directly to HCC. HCC requires official scores to be sent to the college; an email or photocopy is not adequate.
What is a Pastoral Reference Questionnaire?
Each student applying to HCC is required to have a pastor or leader fill out this questionnaire. The pastor or leader should be someone that is somewhat involved in your life and could answer questions regarding your spiritual life. It is asked that this person not be a relative. Students are to sign the form and then give it to their pastor/leader. The pastor/leader should then complete the questionnaire to the best of their ability and return it directly to the college.
What is a Pre-Admission Interview?
A pre-admission interview is conducted after all other application information is received. This interview will be set up with an HCC college representative in your region. It is preferred that this interview is completed in person, but it is possible to do a phone interview if meeting in person is not possible. The interviewer will ask the student questions regarding their church, personal, and job-related experiences. The interviewer will then make a recommendation to HCC Administration for or against acceptance. Contact the Admissions Office to find a college representative in your region.
What is required in the personal testimony?
A student’s personal testimony should be a brief account of the student’s salvation experience and journey as a Christian since that time. A statement regarding the student’s desire and reason for wanting to attend HCC is also encouraged. One page is sufficient, and a typed testimony is preferred.
Who do I contact if I have more questions?
Students may contact the HCC Admissions office with any questions by calling +1 660-284-4800 or by email at
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