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Why Choose HCC?

We can give you many reasons. Let’s start with three.

We’re serious about the Bible. Period.

Heartland Christian College is a two-year, ABHE-accredited institution that offers a challenging array of classes covering both the Old and New Testament. When Darin Rihanek, one of our professors, was asked many years ago what his goal was in coming to Bible College he replied, “…To learn how to be a Biblical Christian.” That unity of resolve is what we wish to instill in our students. Our President, professors and staff have a high view of the inerrancy and authority of Scripture and understand that in today’s secular, post-Christian world, a foundation on God’s Word is essential for young and old alike. Low student-teacher ratios, a relational atmosphere and spacious facilities provide fertile ground for personal reflection and challenging, edifying discussions around the Word of God.

Jesus didn’t just gather followers. He trained disciples.

While we intensely value academic achievement, the discipleship journey is core to who we are. In the spirit of the Apostle Paul, we strongly believe that if we have academic excellence but not practical love towards God and one’s neighbor, we have lost our reason for existing as an academic institution. The centrality of life as discipleship permeates everything we do from the classroom to dorm life. In a culture where “spiritual formation” and “volunteerism” are buzz-words and an increasingly secular world is tired of hypocrisy in the church, we challenge one another to the timeless call to grow in the virtues of servanthood, purity, and worship.

God cares about your financial picture. So do we.

Heartland strives to keep unusually low tuition rates towards the goal of the student graduating debt-free. According to a recent Wall Street Journal article, student loan debt has surpassed credit card debt in sheer numbers. Knowing our students may soon be juggling future tuition bills payments for that third and fourth year of learning, funding that mission trip, or buying that home, we at HCC desire to help students graduate with little-to-no debt via low tuition rates. In keeping with our emphasis on discipleship we offer a holistic approach to a student’s financial well-being, offering financial counseling and a curriculum that includes instruction on stewardship.

Start building your future