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Transfer Credits

A student may request the transfer of credits from another institution of higher education by completing an Application for Transfer Credit form, available from the Registrar, and by requesting transcripts from the institutions(s) to be sent to HCC.

It is the responsibility of each applicant to request such transcripts to be sent to HCC. Applicant transcripts from another institution of higher learning are reviewed by the Academic Team upon receipt by Heartland Christian College.

Credits transferred do not affect a student’s GPA at HCC but are used to determine class standing. Credits which are earned at accredited institutions and apply to a program at HCC are accepted, provided that the grade for the course is a “C” or above. Transcripts are reviewed by the Academic Team to determine courses that apply to the HCC program.

Comparable credits earned at non-accredited institutions are reviewed for possible acceptance, subject to:

  1. An Academic Team review of syllabi, faculty credentials, and grading standards of the course, supplied by the sending institution
  2. Validation by the student satisfactorily completing 15 hours work at HCC with a “C” (2.00) average

The student is informed by the Registrar once a decision regarding transfer of credits is reached.

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