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Domestic Student Aid

HCC offers a micro grant to students that may face hardship during their time as a student in our college. This is not a scholarship granted at the beginning of an academic year, but rather, this is a hardship program available to students that may find themselves in extenuating circumstances including but not limited to job loss, injury or illness, and family tragedies that require student to be away from school and work for a period of time, resulting in the inability for student to be able to complete their payments to the college.

Students may contact the Financial Aid Office or their shepherd group leader for more information on applying for a micro grant.

International Student Aid

HCC has an International Scholarship Fund specifically for international students. This is a needs-based scholarship offered to international students based on their individual level of financial need. Students can apply for this scholarship once they have been accepted to the college. Upon review, students may be awarded a full ride scholarship including airline tickets, books, tuition and fees, and living expenses, or just a portion of these expenses depending on determined need.

Students may contact the Financial Aid Office or the Admissions Office for more information on applying for a scholarship.

Might be good to have Financial Aid Office contact below? I don’t know if it would be best to have an actual contact form or just the contact information.

Financial Aid Officer: Jennie Mayes
phone: 660-284-4810