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Alumni Thoughts

“Heartland Christian  College provided me a time to learn more about how to walk with Jesus. Learning practical ways to dig deep into the Bible and learning about the history of the start of Christianity were highlights of my time at HCC. I made lifelong friends with students and faculty in my time at HCC. I currently work as an IT manager, and my time learning about discipleship helps me direct my team. I spent lots of time with my group leaders and faculty talking through life, and I always felt like they had time for me.”

-Josh Smith

Class of 2006

“HCC’s Relational Theology class helped me understand how to put God first, others second and then myself. Life has worked out a lot better for me when I put relationships in the right order.”

-Scott Miller 

Class of 2015

“Attending Heartland Christian College was a life changing opportunity to receive biblical instruction and leadership training, which set a course for my service in ministry and Christian education; additionally, the relationships fostered in that season have proven to be of indelible worth and life-long significance.”

-Shabaka Williams

Class of 2004 

“The cost that HCC presents gives students the opportunity to save for their next season of life, while gaining quality education about the Bible and other interests, such as Missions and Worship.”

– Daniel Pinon 

Class of 2014