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Tuition and Fees


Fall/Spring Semesters

• Full-time student: $480 per semester (enrolled in 12 credit hours or more)

• Part-time student: $60 per credit hour (enrolled in 3-8 credit hours)

• Part-time student: $50 per credit hour (enrolled in 9-11 credit hours)

Summer Block

• $40 per credit hour, regardless of the number of hours in which a student is enrolled

Residential Living

Fall/Spring Semesters

  • Residential living fees are $1000 per semester

Summer Housing

  • Spring Graduation through Summer Block Course $360
  • Entire Summer $720


In the event that a student needs to enter a residential living agreement for a partial summer term, or during semester breaks, the fee is prorated based on the number of days of use. Please refer to the Residential Living Handbook for details on entering such an agreement.

Other Fees

One-Time Fee

  • Application Fee: $50 (degree-seeking students)

Semester Fees (residential students)

  • Fall/Spring Activity Fee: $25.00 (residential students)
  • Fall/Spring Supply Fee: $75.00 (residential students)
  • Summer Activity Fee: $15.00
  • Summer Supply Fee: $40.00
  • Graduation Fee: $50.00

Yearly Fee

  • Accident Insurance Fee: $25.00 (full-time or residential students)

Direct Pay Medical Program

  • $25/month (A service Provided by the local clinic, Calvary Medical Center. Required for international students; domestic students optional.)

Miscellaneous Fees

At times additional fees may be required for participation in specific classes. This information is made available prior to each enrollment period.


Students purchase their own textbooks, and costs vary depending on the number of credit hours taken. Students enrolled full-time can generally expect the cost of textbooks to vary from $150-$200 depending on the condition of texts purchased. Most students purchase textbooks online or through our College bookstore on campus.


Nothing from November 1, 2019 to November 1, 2019.