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Registration is open for Fall semester 2020 classes at Heartland Christian College. Contact the Registrar for details, 660-284-4800.

BLOCK 1-2 (August 24- December 18)

  • Monday evening, 4:00- 6:30 PM- Disciplines of Life
  • Monday evening, 4:00-6:30 PM- Intro. to Christian Ministries
  • Friday, 9:30 AM- Servanthood I & III

BLOCK 1 (August 24- October 15)

  • Monday/Wednesday, 8:10-10:50 AM- Old Testament Studies 1 and The Western Church in World History 1
  • Tuesday/Thursday, 8:10-10:50 AM- College Composition and Bible Research & Interpretation

BLOCK 2 (October 19- December 18)

  • Monday/Wednesday, 8:10-10:50 AM- Old Testament Studies 2 and Survey of Bible Doctrines
  • Tuesday/Thursday, 8:10-10:50 AM-  Consumer Math, Evangelism in the New Testament, and Intro. to Worship Music



CL 100 Disciplines of Life. An overview of the most recognized disciplines of the Christian life, including prayer and Bible study.
Special emphasis is placed on practicing the virtues demonstrated by Jesus. 3 credit hours

CL 203 Introduction to Christian Ministry. This course includes elements of theory and practice related to various aspects of
Christian ministry. It deals with issues such as one’s call and gifting, leadership principles, pastoral care, and basic homiletics.
3 credit hours

CL 101 Servanthood I. A course designed to explore the servant heart of the Godhead. Class instruction and practical labs present opportunities for each student to touch the nature and heart of God. The student will be able to both define and demonstrate the life of a servant that joyfully lays down his life for the church and the world. 1 credit hour

CL 201 Servanthood III. A course designed to build upon foundations laid in Servanthood I & II, it provides practical application of serving and reaching out to local communities. Students serve in capacities and areas that challenge them to
labor and sacrifice to bring strength to the region in which they live. 1 credit hour

BI 110 Old Testament Studies I. A survey of the Old Testament emphasizing historic and thematic connections as well as the
message of each book. The books are viewed both individually and collectively. Topics that will be covered are the Pentateuch
(Law), Historical Books (Prophets), and the Writings. Geographical material will also be added to provide support for the historical context of each book. 3 credit hours

HS 206 The Western Church in World History I. This course presents a broad survey of the interrelationship between world
history and the history of the Western Church from the time of the early church to the pre-reformation. The focus is on the major changes and movements within both the church and world history, emphasizing their relevance and impact on today. 3 credit hours

LL 102 College Composition. An introductory study in critical reading and writing. Emphasis is placed on rhetoric and on the
writing process of planning, drafting, and revising. 3 credit hours

BI 207 Bible Research and Interpretation. The use of research tools and methods along with insights and means of proper biblical interpretation are discussed. 3 credit hours

BI 111 Old Testament Studies II. A survey of the Prophets and the Writings of the Old Testament. This survey includes an overview of geography, historic and thematic elements, and the central message of each book. 3 credit hours

DT 200 Survey of Bible Doctrines. This course includes an overview of the concept and application of Bible Doctrine as a
discipline. Also included is a survey of biblical teaching regarding the core doctrines of the conservative evangelical Christian faith. 3 credit hours

MA 101* Consumer Math. This is a basic course designed for the students’ success in life. Included topics are budgeting, cash flow, stewardship, and real-world problems. 3 credit hours
*Required as a part of first-year enrollment for traditional students, whether a student is part-time or full-time

MS 102 Evangelism in the New Testament A study of evangelism as presented through select books of the
New Testament. Students examine the concepts within the text and their practical application toward evangelism. 3 credit hours

WA 201 Introduction to Worship Ministry. Emphasis is placed on both the biblical basis and practical application of worship and music. Music is discussed in its various forms. Worship is discussed as it relates to historical importance, worship leading, and worship as a life-style. The student is given a biblical basis upon which to form a philosophy of music and worship in the local church. 3 credit hours